Monday, May 31, 2010

A quick word..

Bill and I just returned from Memorial Day weekend outing to Cleveland, OH, for his cousin's wedding. Because of past behavior(s), puggles were sadly not invited. (Sorry about the rug, Kathy!)

Our friend Joe was kind enough to hold down the Fort here in Fairfax, and we received quite a reception from the puggles, who assumed we had abandoned them. Bacon, pictured here doing his usual sad face, had not been away from Bill for more than a night.

Unlike his big brother, Bacon isn't much of a people puggle. He's happy to play with new dogs, but people just aren't his thing. Especially if they're in HIS house. Regardless, we're happy to have friends willing to care for our babies so we can escape the chaos of northern Virginia every now and again :)

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours; take a moment to reflect on those who have given so much, that we may be Free.

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  1. your puggles are adorable. what a funny name, bacon. hahahaha. nice blog. i live in chicago and was at the giant McCormick convention center for a business conference two weeks ago, and the NRA conference was there. i was going to make a joke about there being good security. good thing i didn't. the more i walked around the more pots and pans i saw. it was not the NRA i was thinking of. it was the national restaurant assoc. hahhaha.

    mr. puggle is having a contest this week if you want to stop by.