Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Making sense of the health care mess

Puggle and I live near DC. This means a lot of things, primarily that the guest bedroom sees a lot of traffic from friends wanting to see the city ... and that I'm somehow considered a policy expert of sorts. Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but how many other young people come home for the holidays and are asked nonstop about everything from healthcare policy to the death tax to the current administration's new education policies?

I'm lucky to stay in the know with firearms legislation -- keep in mind I work in the NRA's programs side, people, programs side. Health care has never really interested me. Add to the equation a bunch of jargon and numbers and I'm really lost. Heritage's blog published this piece the other day, and I will share it with my friends when they ask my perspective on the current socialized medicine debacle:

Saturday, December 26, 2009

home for the holidays

Merry Christmas, everyone! Are you ready for 2010?

The weather in northern VA and Washington DC was so frightful at this time last week, Puggle + I weren't sure where we'd be for Christmas. Thankfully the airports reopened in time for our early morning flight out on Monday, Dec. 21 and we are attempting a brave 8 days in southern Illinois.

I probably should have realized this Christmas would be different -- the second w/o Grandma, the third w/ Slug the brother-in-law, the second w/ the addition of Puggle (adorable as he is, still a 'damn dog' in mom's opinion), the first as a homeowner, first since the Break Up, first since Dad's hot-button 'retirement,' first where sister is working and unable to attend Christmas Day festivities, etc. But how does one prepare for different when the setting is a familiar, childhood scene?

Friday, November 6, 2009

the fall visitors

Kristin visited us two weeks ago, all the way from Nashville. She arrived on the tail end of Doc Schutte's visit, who arrived just as Mom was leaving. Kristin had a great 36-hour trip and we agreed we're always doing these weekend pitstops. But better than not seeing one another at all!

Well, it's been a few weeks and the condo is preparing for another visitor -- but a special, handy one. Dad Sturgis is making his second condo renovation trip out east to spend a week with his grandpuggle. He'll also make it to our Veteran's Day event.

At left, Kristin sits with puggle + foster doggie in the living room. Hopefully we'll get a few before" and "after" pictures up soon. Dad does amazing work, from the bathroom renovations to laying hardwood floors down on what used to be soiled carpet remiscent of a crack den, according to Josh Myers. . . and he would know.

the welcome

When having a blog was trendy, I held off. Now that everyone and their pup has a blog, I'm in. Primarily because I'm doing my darnedest to explore all blogging platforms. First up: switching my blogspot URL to

Stay tuned -- right girl writes will primarily be a resource to sites and articles I find interesting.